Monday, January 30, 2012

Reading Log Entry #2

Now on Earth the Mogadorians are hunting down the Loriens before they fully develop their Legacies, which are super powers. But the Mogadorians have their hands full because the Lorien kids are protected by a spell in which they can only be killed in sequence.

I am Number Four 
Pittacus Lore

As I read the book, I was hooked by the story. 
The plotting of the story was so exciting that once you've started reading, you don't wanted to stop.
While reading, my imagination won't stop from imagining and picturing out the things which are stated in the book.
This book is so great!

The story reminds me of my childhood because when I was still a child, I wanted to have super powers so that I can do things that others can't. Everybody will be amazed because of the things that i can do. I will help those who are needy as much as I can. Then after that, everybody will make me as their hero. BUT, unfortunately, everything remains as an imagination because we are just mortals who were created by God as ordinaries who can only do ordinary and nothing unusual things. We can be heroes not because of super powers but instead of doing heroic things just like helping others in times that they really need some helping hand.
The story also reminds me of my friends who were always their whenever I need their help.

I wonder if number four and number six could find the other Loreins left and If they could defeat all the Mogadorians?
And I also wonder how exciting the next book series would be?

For sure, as time pass by, John will develop his legacies even without his Seipan Henry. Number Six will help him out and never leaves number Four's side as they fight against the Mogadorians.

Part 2:

#34. Which character is most like you? Connect with this character and explain how you are alike and how you are different. Use story details for support.

 The character that is more like me is the main character Number Four also known as Jhon.
He is so dependent on his seipan Henry. It is Henry who decide for him and organize all the things that he needs to do everyday.
 Just like me. I don't decide for myself, instead, I ask for somebody's help because I'm afraid to make wrong decisions.

And like Jhon, I am also adventurous and willing to develop my legacies or my good traits so that like Jhon, I can be a hero.