Saturday, December 3, 2011

Reading Log 1st entry..


The Name Of this book is “SECRET”

Part 1:

1. Reflect- I really admire the characteristics of the two main characters of this book. The adventurous eleven-year-old detectives Cass, an ever-vigilant survivalist, and Max-Ernest, a boy driven by logic. Because of their curiosity, they discovered the Symphony of Smells, a box filled with smelly vials of colorful ingredients. They accidentally stumble upon a mystery surrounding a dead magician’s hidden diary and the hunt for immorality.

2. Connect- I can see my childhood in Cassandra. When I was still eleven years old, I was as curious and as adventurous as her. I kept on figuring out things that had been making me curious and never afraid to try new things and see how it works. Like Cass, I had friends just like Max-Ernest, who had been with me at the times of my curiousness and still with me while trying to figure out and explore new things. 
Another connection with this story is that, it is somehow alike to the movie Spy’s Kids. Just like the movie, this book has little boy and girl main characters. But their being little doesn’t stop them to figure problems and face those villains.

3. Question- I couldn’t figure out how did Max-Ernest made it to the Resort when it’s not that easy to have a booking and come in to the said resort. I wonder if Cass will share everything what happened to her mom. And also wonder if the Midnight Sun Resort was really demolished. And if did the explosions really break the Pyramid.

4. Predict- I think if Cassandra’s Mother will know everything about what happened to Cass while she’s not around,  maybe she’s going to be crazy and will get angry not only to Cassandra but also to Grandpa Larry and Grandpa Wayne, because they didn’t put their eyes on Cass while her mother is not around.  And because of what happened, I think Cass will be grounded again, maybe for a month or more, so that she will learn her lessons.

Part 2:

#34. Which character is most like you? Connect with this character and explain how you are alike and how you are different. Use story details for support.

♦The character that is most like me is Cassandra ,one of the main character. We are alike in terms of attitude. I was exactly like her, when I was at her age. That's why I enjoyed reading this book because I can relate to Cass's activities and doings in every chapter of the story.

There's one scene in the story that Cass was sent to her Grandpas because her mother went to a business trip. I experienced that too, when I was her age. My mom keep on bringing me to my Grandparent's place because they need to go to work and its my Grandparents that they only trust that could watch after me.

Then while staying at her Grandpas place, Cass did everything that she loved to do and felt free without her mom around her. Her, Grandpas were busy,and don't notice whats happening to their little girl, so Cass always found time to go out and go home late. That's what my attitude too when I was her age. I love it when my mom send me to my grandparent's place because I can do whatever I wanted to do; play outside, sleep late at night, eat junk foods, watch cartoons, etc.. 

That's why I can say that Cass and me are almost alike but theirs only one thing that we are different at, and its the Braveness that she has. Before, I was not as brave as she is. I can't go to distant places without anyone to guide me where to go. Unlike Cass, she took it easy to went to that mysterious resort alone, just to find out what really is happening inside.

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