Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Reading Log Entry #3


Alice in April 


Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Alice in April. Phyllis Reynolds Naylor. Atheneum Books for Young Readers, c1993. 164 pages.


Alice has a set of friends and there's this girl who's named Denise Whitlock,Alice’s former bully, is being abused by her mother and winds up committing suicide. I did not expect that it will happen in the last part because the character of Denise in the story is so mysterious that's why what she did was so unpredictable. I know it was hard for Alice to believe what had happen and felt guilty because she was the last person whom Denise talked to before she died. she was not aware that those things that Denise gave to her serves as a sign of goodbye. And for sure, if she only knew what Denise is planning, maybe Alice had stopped her and talk about Denise's problem instead if committing suicide.

2.Connect-  Now that i'm in the legal age, I can now be called the woman of the house just like Alice. I'm the one who is in charge with the household chores because it is my responsibility as the eldest child in the family. I can somehow relate to Alice because sometimes I can feel that being the woman of the house is stressful because I need to think about of everything. Aside from my school works, I need to watch after my brothers: check if they already did their home works and ask if they have already eaten their meals and things like that.. So, to handle these situations, i am asking help from my parents and just taking things easy.

3.Question- I wonder if Alice could do the duty of being the woman of the house well? I also wonder if Patrick have a special feelings for Alice?

4.Predict- I think Ms.Summers and Alice's father will get married in the future. And Alice will no longer mind what will the boys say about her.

Part 2:

#10. Describe your favorite part. Make a prediction about what will happen next.

 The last part was my favorite because it was hanging and it made me excited to read the next series. Maybe in the next part, Alice, her friends, and Patrick will become more mature and will try to do more exciting things together. For sure Alice's father and Ms. Summers will get married and Alice would be happy if that will happen. 
In the next part, more excitement, more of Alice experiences and more lessons that can be learned .

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